Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 GIF Recap 'The Climb'

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 GIF Recap 'The Climb'

“You’re hereee, there’s nothing I fearrr…” It speaks to our grand expectations of Game of Thrones that a storyline about a fiery redhead and her Dashboard Confessional fan lover climbing up a 700-hundred-foot wall made of ice could be considered kind of boring, and yet here we are: Jon and Ygritte added an unwanted “My Heart Will Go On” (or Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb”) feel to “The Climb,” leading to probably the weakest episode of the season.
It’s not that I dislike the Wildings — they’re arguably the most sensible characters on the show; whereas the climb Littlefinger speaks of during his episode-ending monologue is figurative for those who bow to Joffrey, it’s all too literal for Mance Rayder & Co. But rather, when murderous kings and “sword swallower” quips are involved in King’s Landing, I’d much rather spend time there than Beyond (or On) the Wall, where much of the action in “The Climb” takes place. It also doesn’t help that Jon Snow lacks any semblance of charisma, at least for now. But now that the giant metaphor has been scaled and conquered, things should get better, for everyone except Ros. Poor, poor Ros.


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