Behind the scenes Only God Forgives footage, with Ryan Gosling

Behind the scenes Only God Forgives footage, with Ryan Gosling

If you’re anything like everyone I know, you’re probably already semi-tumescent or pre-ovulating for Only God Forgives, director Nicolas Winding Refn’s follow up to Drive, once again starring everyone’s favorite sweet-smelling Canadian, Ryan Gosling (if not, educate yourself with the trailers below). The Only God Forgives Facebook* page recently posted a new behind-the-scenes video, and, well… let me see if I can explain what’s so great about it: Basically, it’s a whole minute of a weirdo Danish guy in a kilt/sarong, earnestly philosophizing about the nature of violence and sex, while an amused Baby Goose makes cute faces at the camera like Jim from The Office while a team of loyal Thai crewmembers scurry around doing their jobs happily like Keebler Elves. There’s just something magical about it. The movie looks great, but I could watch just these two hanging out together for hours.


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