This Hospital Has A Wonderful Secret Lullaby Factory

This Hospital Has A Wonderful Secret Lullaby Factory

Going to hospital, either as a patient or visitor can often be a strange and stressful time. Stark waiting rooms, fluorescent lighting and a fear of the unknown come together to often create an atmosphere that is at best slightly unnerving. That’s why a this fantastic & imaginative project by visual artists Maria Smith and Je Ahn of Studio Weave is such a welcome idea – it changes the entire dynamic.
Located directly across from the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London is the ‘Lullaby Factory’, a series of pipes, tubes and speakers that rise 10 stories high and spread out around 105ft. Echoing within them is a series of soothing and cheerful sounds composed by Jessica Curry, not totally dissimilar to wind chimes. In order to hear them, you have to put your ear up to the speakers themselves – a surprise and secret melody for those who care to explore.


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