'As I Lay Dying' Frontman Tried to Hire Someone to Kill His Wife

'As I Lay Dying' Frontman Tried to Hire Someone to Kill His Wife

Apparently hit men are cheaper than divorces, because singer Tim Lambesis from thrash metal band As I Lay Dying allegedly opted for a contract kill instead of just splitting from his wife.
Lambesis was arrested for commissioning the murder of his wife from an undercover cop. (Bro, don’t you know they’re always cops?)
Christian — yes, seriously — metal vocalist Lambesis, 32, was supposedly determined to off his wife Meggan, who’s also the mother of his three adopted kids. The New York Daily News reports that Lambesis was arrested for commissioning to commit a murder yesterday (May 7) in Oceanside, Calif. in a sting operation.
Meggan had served him with divorce papers in September 2012. Anyone who doubted her decision is probably now eating several heaping helpings of crow.
“The information came to us late last week,” Jan Caldwell of the San Diego Police Department said of the murder plot. “We acted quickly on it. I believe we averted a great tragedy.”
Lambesis will appear in court for his arraignment in the next couple days. Perhaps when he’s behind bars he’ll have time to learn that life is not a Tarantino movie full of secretive hit men.


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