'Historically Inaccurate' Tale Of How KISS Wrote 'Beth'

'Historically Inaccurate' Tale Of How KISS Wrote 'Beth'

Despite being one of the world’s most recognizable bands, if for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of their music (which IS quality), KISS only has two top-ten hits in the U.S.: “Forever” and “Beth,” their mopey power ballad from 1976′s Destroyer. It’s KISS’s “Angie,” except with more references to meatloaf.
Or at least according to “anonymous content,” who made a short film about the song that “chronicles the completely fictitious story of [its] inspiration. The Peter Criss character’s dialogue stays true to the song’s lyrics.” They should make a video for “Love Gun” next. No idea what that song’s about.


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