'Iron Man 3' Opening Title Credits Are Awesome

'Iron Man 3' Opening Title Credits Are Awesome

Apparently the only people who didn’t see Iron Man 3 this weekend are me and the Geico caveman family, and even they sneaked into a screening of the film after watching The Iceman.
"The third Tony Stark movie from Marvel Studios enjoyed the second-best opening in box-office history, grossing an estimated $175.3 million in its debut weekend, Disney said Sunday. That debut could help start to reverse a very slow year in local theaters, where revenues are down about 12% from 2012." according to the LA Times.
The only film with a higher opening: The Avengers. (Will Shane Black’s next movie be a modern retelling of Titus Andronicus?) Anyway, “Rongxin” uploaded the “unused original title credits for Iron Man 3“ to Reddit earlier today, and while I have no idea what the actual credits look like, I can’t imagine they were better than this.,0,1748545.story


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