‘Melinda Brown Duncan Is The New Charles Ramsey,’ Says Idiots

‘Melinda Brown Duncan Is The New Charles Ramsey,’ Says Idiots

Remember Antoine Dodson’s Internet explosion? Of course you do. And then right afterwards we had Sweet Brown and the guy who lost his cheeseburger. Why? Because stations were essentially going out looking for the craziest-looking people they could find and get a million YouTube views as if that’d make me want to tune into the news in Des Moines or wherever.
Well, it’s started up again. This journalistic blaxploitation has reared its ugly head now that Charles Ramsey is more famous for his perm than the fact he saved a few lives. The first big video comes out of Detroit where a news station tracked down this woman – Melinda Brown Duncan – and let her rant about whatever the hell she wanted to talk about for a minute. Of course, if this were a pre-YouTube era, the footage would have landed on the cutting-room floor. But in an attempt to get YouTube views, she got her say on the air.
And now outlets are calling her the next Ramsey Brown because Black people. Obviously. So get ready for the auto tune videos, laughs and good times. I’ll just kick back, watch Amos N’ Andy and thank goodness we don’t live in those times anymore. Whew.


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