Recap! 'Community' Season 4 Finale, 'The Office' GIFs

Recap! 'Community' Season 4 Finale, 'The Office' GIFs

So you watched your favorite shows this weekend. Particularly, You saw the boring new 'Community' and the redundant new episode of 'The Office'. 'Community' is clearly out of ideas. Or, perhaps more accurately, the ideas that it does have left are such fan service that they're offensive. One of season four's biggest problems was its lack of saying anything new about the characters; the same jokes were used over and over again, as were the plots, with "Finality" wanting to please us so badly that I even felt embarrassed for Chevy Chase when he appeared wrapped in an outfit seemingly made of snakeskin and gym mats. It beat us over the head with references to paintball, darkest timelines, and Inspector Spacetimes; we like those things, but we also want more than that. And the "more" in "Finality" made no sense: Jeff dreaming of Evil Abed? The lack of City College after last week's cliffhanger? THE MATRIX PARODIES? For a brief moment, it even made me retroactively hate "Remedial Chaos Theory," my favorite episode of the entire show. Which brings me to the don't: I'm sad that this could be our final memory of one of the most inventive, occasionally brilliant sitcoms ever.


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