Arrested Development Best Of: Infinite Wisdom Of Lucille Bluth

Arrested Development Best Of: Infinite Wisdom Of Lucille Bluth


We're all in agreement that Jessica Walter is television's all-time mom, correct? I mean, no contest really. I honestly can't even think of another TV mom I'd pit against her for the sake of debate. Between Lucille Bluth and Malory Archer she has delivered more joy to audiences -- usually at the expense of her fictional children -- than pretty much the rest of the lot combined. What a bunch of seawards her competition is. So with Mother's Day falling smack dab in the middle of our Arrested Development on Netflix final countdown, it would be silly to not revisit all the motherly pearls of wisdom the matriarch of the Bluth Family has delighted us with over the years. Here's to even more Lucille Bluth coming soon.


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