Vogue Cover Girl Kate Upton Is Fat, Says Idiots

Vogue Cover Girl Kate Upton Is Fat, Says Idiots (11 photo)


Last year, Burnsy wrote about the lovely troll known as “Skinny Gurl” who called Kate Upton a cannibal for eating at Carls Jr. Kate Upton’s a cow, you see. Get it? She’s fat. Kate Upton is fat. The same Kate Upton you see above, that very Kate Upton, is fat. I wonder if “Skinny Gurl” knows “Gag of Thrones.” Anyway, Upton is on next month’s cover of Vogue, and in the issue, she discussed the reaction she received from the Skinny Gurls of the world after appearing in the second most popular Sports Illustrated ever, trailing only this classic.


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