Textastrophe Messes With Public Cell Phone Numbers

Textastrophe Messes With Public Cell Phone Numbers

Think twice before you leave your number on Craigslist or a flier stapled to a telephone pole: Textastrophe is watching. The hilarious Tumblr collects text message conversations between the website's mysterious founder and people who leave their cell phone number in public spaces. In an interview with Mashable, Textastrophe-in-Chief said, "People trustfully place their phone numbers for the rest of the world to see, in hopes to conduct some form of business. Textastrophe is just a way of uncovering the hilarious relationships one can have with these unwary strangers. It brings a novel and modern-day spin on the age-old practical joke."
Meaning, it's a way to mess with people who are looking to buy an adult Stormtrooper costume.


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