Famous & Celebrated Films Distilled Into Just 9 Frames

Famous & Celebrated Films Distilled Into Just 9 Frames


The great Leonardo de Vinci once stated that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” and now more than ever in our fast and furious lives, we need have a desire to know what is happening, instantly, visually and easily. That’s the premise behind a Tumblr account titled 9 Film Frames, where some of the most celebrated movies of our time are summarised neatly and succulently in just 9 frames. Each week new films are distilled into their key scenes and added to the list, but today we wanted to show you a few of our personal favorites from their current selection including The Dark Knight, Memento, Melancholia, Mulholland Drive and more. If you’ve watched the films previously, they will instantly jog your memory but if you haven’t – see if you can you work out the plot using just these 9 snapshots:


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