Rihanna: River Island Collection for All Your Fat and/or Sexy Days

Rihanna: River Island Collection for All Your Fat and/or Sexy Days


You may have heard of Rihanna‘s not-so-well-received fashion line River Island, but what you may not know is that RiRi herself designed everything — because apparently retail clothing isn’t sexy enough, and sometimes you just want something comfy to wear on fat days. “I just wanted to make stuff that I want to wear. I was being selfish. But hopefully my fans and the River Island customers will have the same tastes. I love everything here,” Rihanna told the cameras while searching through the options in her summer collection. “I [also] needed to make clothes for fat days that I have,” she confusingly added of the skin-tight, short and often made-of-mesh pieces. Check out the video to see RiRi in designer action with such stunning statements as “floral, I think, is timeless” and “I wanted it to be gangsta,” but also for a few insightful comments about how women actually do have different body types.


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