Australian Morning Show Host Pulls 'Anchorman' Prank On His Co-Host

Australian Morning Show Host Pulls 'Anchorman' Prank On His Co-Host


Here is a clip of Australian morning show host Karl Stefanovic — who is awesome — using the Anchorman teleprompter prank to trick his co-host, Roz Kelly, into professing her love for hash cookies. So simple, and yet so perfect. You know, it’s a good thing I don’t work at a news station. I would try this just about every day, to the point that it would get incredibly old not only for my co-workers, but also for the viewers, and it would send our ratings tumbling into a bottomless pit of despair. It would get so bad that the station’s parent company would be forced to declare bankruptcy and lay off thousands of people. Then those newly unemployed individuals would be unable to make their mortgage payments, which would lead to another collapse of the housing market and a sustained period of economic hardship for the whole nation as stock prices drop to never-before-seen lows. Eventually we would all be forced to revert to hunting and gathering to sustain ourselves, and those who are unable to adapt to this rugged way of life would be burned for fuel. Chaos would be the new law of the land, and Ted Nugent would be king. Or they would just, like, fire me.

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