Here's 25 Utterly Improvised & Unscripted Movie Scenes

Here's 25 Utterly Improvised & Unscripted Movie Scenes

With so much investment needed in making featured length film, one of the few things that film studios are incredibly strict on is the script itself. Directors are allow “creative license and actors are allowed to interpret their characters as best they can – but the diagloue, that’s pretty much locked down tight. Teams of writers spend limitless hours going back on forth setting the tone, linking scenes and attempting to give their characters some unique qualities.
That is unless, you’re one of these 25 movies you’re about to see.
It’s here you’ll find entire scenes completely improvised and bite-sized quotes utterly unscripted – a moment of inspiration and chemistry from the actors themselves. In fact, they were so seamless in the context of the overall film, they even made the final cut.
You might be surprised just how many scenes and films you recognise, we certainly were!


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