20 Unique Faces In 20 Unlikely And Hidden Places

20 Unique Faces In 20 Unlikely And Hidden Places

You’ve probably heard countless news reports of people claiming they’ve seen the face of Jesus appearing on all sorts of objects from toast, household items to rock formations and pita bread. And how many times have you looked at a building or group of objects and thought they make out some kind of face?
It’s actually a real phenomenon, but not a supernatural occurence. It’s called ‘Pareidolia‘ and it’s purely psychological (unless you believe in miracles) there’s even an entire subreddit, dedicated to the concept
Your brain randomly perceives an image as being significant in some form, drawing a pattern, shape or recognizable element from the meaningless scattered data in front of you. But in these next 20 examples, faces will either leap out at you, slowly fade into focus, maybe even fade out of focus or not appear at all. They’ll vary from scary, to funny, to sneaky to happy and everything in between.
See if you can spot these 20 unique faces in these 20 unlikely and often hidden places….


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