Lookout! Japan Is Going Wild For Human Doll Cloning

Lookout! Japan Is Going Wild For Human Doll Cloning


If you’re a leading actor in a movie franchie, you can expect a miniature figurine of yourself to be created and sold by the millions. George Lucas has made more money from Star Wars figurines & merchandise than the movies themselves. And lets not forget the rock band KISS who have licensed their likeness in hundreds of dolls, toys and action figures. But for regular individual in the street, having an action figurine of yourself was something of a dream…until a Clone Factory located in Akihabara, Japan stepped in to fill the void. Using a combination of SLR’s, 3D rendering and plaster moulds (plus a fee of $1,300) you can now have yourself cloned in miniature It’s both awesome and quite nightmarish in equal amounts. Japanese blogger Danny Choo decided to find exactly what went on behind the scenes and below are some images from his day trip to the centre as well as the final result. Did we mention they even clone pets? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below, would you be tempted to have yourself immortalised in miniature?


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