William Shatner's 10 Greatest ACTING 'Star Trek' Moments

William Shatner's 10 Greatest ACTING 'Star Trek' Moments


No one acts as hard as William Shatner. I don't mean the kind of hard where someone like Daniel Day-Lewis will spends months, if not years researching, then becoming their character — I mean hard as in HARD. William Shatner doesn't act; he ACTS. He chews scenery the way James Doohan did sandwiches, and that's why we love him. As opposed to certain other Star Trek: The Original Series actors, it's unlikely Shatner will ever appear in one of the rebooted Star Trek films, which is a damn shame; Shatner vs. Peter Weller would have been great. Anyway, here are 10 of James T. Kirk's greatest AAAACCCCCCTTTTTTIIIINNNNNNGGGG GIFs.


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