This Wrapping Paper Looks Delicious

This Wrapping Paper Looks Delicious


This is arguably the most delicious looking wrapping paper in history. While I must concede my exposure to food-related wrapping paper is limited, surely this design must be in contention. The wrapping paper set was the brainchild of Sarah Fay and Justin Colt, two Penn State grads now based in New York, who together have formed a wrapping paper company called Gift Couture. Last year the pair launched a Kickstarter campaign to help start their company and print 1000 sheets of the their first design, the hamburger wrapping paper set. The campaign raised $16,713, more than double their initial goal of $7,900. A recent surge in popularity has completely depleted their stock and they are sold out at the moment, so you’ll just have to wait and enjoy the pics below :)


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