Childhood Photos Of The World's Most Brutal Dictators

Childhood Photos Of The World's Most Brutal Dictators

They are known universally as some of the world’s most hated, feared and brutal individuals. Once untainted and innocent youths, as men they evolved into dictators, despots, egomaniacs & warmongers.
Together they have collectively destroyed, tormented and played key roles in the deaths of millions of individuals – either through their divisive philosophy, unrelenting fascism, promotion of racism, political propaganda design to oppress the masses & strengthen authority or their unquenchable thirst for power resulting in war.
We take a look at the likes of Adolf Hilter, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein & several others during their formative years. It makes for chilling viewing, little did the photographer know the apparent monster they were photographing or that they would go on to write some of the darkest chapters in recorded history


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