Fact Or Fiction? A Vampire Hunting Kit From 1890

Fact Or Fiction? A Vampire Hunting Kit From 1890

Is this a fascinating piece of history or an elaborate hoax designed to capture the imagination?
The legend goes that Andrew A. Kauffman (a vampire hunter in 1890) wrote the following letter to one Mrs. Eberhardt – detailing how he had vanquished “the vampire” that had apparently killed the woman’s daughter.
His letter reads as follows: “I have dispatched the vampir that took your sweet daughters life. Included in this case are the tools used in the final act along with proof of its death. Mildredas life was too innocent to be taken by such a monster; she was dearly loved by me as we were newly betrothed. May she now rest in peace.”
Inside his kit is a stake, a hatchet, a bottle of sulphur, pistol, holy water, pilers, the Holy Bible, a trusty Crucifix & syringe, but also a photo of the vampire’s victim – dear old Mildred. There is some debate as to the authenticity of the kit though, both the hatchet & knife are modern pieces, the typewritten letter appears to be dated 1849, which predates the typewriter, and also predates the break-action cartridge loading derringer.
But whether it’s a piece of art or a piece of history, it makes for a fascinating talking point and guide to keep those long toothed fiends at bay.


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