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Brave Idiot Slaps Beyoncé's Butt, Somehow Survives

Brave Idiot Slaps Beyoncé's Butt, Somehow Survives (2 photo + 1 video)


Beyoncé’s butt is like a da Vinci painting: it’s meant to be admired from afar, not felt. (Though only Bey has a workout video with her name on it.) NO TOUCHING, as it were, unless your name is Jay-Z or Carmen: A Hip Hopera star Mekhi Phifer. Then it’s all yours; otherwise, how dare you touch the Queen’s behind, especially during a live show, when she’s performing “Irreplaceable,” as one brave idiot recently did in Copenhagen.
Beyonce’s response: “I’ll have you escorted out for that.” She was joking, but not really. In other words:


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