Retro Comics Edited Into Dynamic Sound Effect Collages

Retro Comics Edited Into Dynamic Sound Effect Collages

Based in Florida, Amy Watkins is a huge comic book fan, but after reading her extensive collection front to back and back to front she wanted to inject a new leash of life into them. That was the inspiration behind her decision to create these intricate collages, a tribute to her favourite characters presented in an entirely new format & designed to look stunning on anyone’s wall.
"I love my comics too much to keep them in dusty long boxes in the closet. After I’ve read the stories and pored over the pictures, I want to enjoy my comics again, as a medium for new art. I sell original, handmade pieces–no prints here–constructed out of the amazing art of old comic books."
You can get your hands on selected designs right here via her official Etsy store PowerUpCollage.


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