Vivacious And Bold Paintings Of Vibrant Women

Vivacious And Bold Paintings Of Vibrant Women

The first thing that strikes you about Polish artist Anna Bocek’s impressive paintings, is how much life, movement and vitality she’s able to capture.
Each portrait is buzzing with energy and a vibrancy rarely seen in similar works of such scale. And whilst her technique might seem haphazard and random at first, rest assured that each stroke is skilfully pieced together, each colour dabbed on and considered in the context of the overall effect.
On the inspiration which has had a profound influence on her work, Boeck had this to say:
“My inspiration for painting is the theater, both as artist and viewer. I am drawn to the humanity of the characters living on stage, rather than the physical space of the theater itself. I am fascinated by the gestures, grimaces and emotions that convey the depth of our human spirit.”
You can see more of her visual arresting work via her official site:


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