Dramatic Photos Of Lightbulbs Filled With Explodable Objects

Dramatic Photos Of Lightbulbs Filled With Explodable Objects

Popular Flickr photographer Jon Smith has been experimenting with a series of incandescent light bulbs and high-speed photography. Filling each bulb with paints, liquid, power and other assorted goodies, he then deliberately triggers them to explode – at the very same moment capturing the most of impact.
The result is a series of startling and visually arresting images – that are superbly photographed. The tone and depth of the colours along with the crystal clarity of each image (you’re looking a sequence occurs in less than 1/4 of a second) makes for fascinating viewing. Each picture is unique, every explosion different and every outcome a colourful surprise. You can see more from his series via his official photostream and a true delight for eyes.


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