Someone Paid $13,000 for One of Lady Gaga’s Fake Fingernails

Someone Paid $13,000 for One of Lady Gaga’s Fake Fingernails

How much would you pay for a fake nail that may or may not have bits of Lady Gaga‘s DNA still on it?
The answer to that question for one person was $13,000, which is what they paid when the used nail went up for auction.
No word on whether the fan plans to clone their own Gaga from the nail or if they merely collect Gaga memorabilia. (We really hope it’s the former.)

The nail itself — which was designed by Aya Fukada — is a gold and black acrylic and was worn to the launch of Gaga’s Fame fragrance and during a concert in Dublin, Ireland.
A crew member later found the nail on the ground after said concert and saw gold (or at least green), so he or she listed the item for sale.
The lucky winner also received a photo of Mother Monster performing at the Dublin concert with the nail clearly missing from her hand, and memorabilia from her Born This Wa


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