Princess Monster Truck Is The Modern Cat For The Modern Internet

Princess Monster Truck Is The Modern Cat For The Modern Internet

The cat you see before you is notable for three reasons: 1) Her name is Princess Monster Truck, 2) Her underbite would be terrifying on a person, but is adorable on a cat; and 3) HER NAME IS PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK. According to BuzzFeed, PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK's owners, Joseph Bryce and Tracy Timmins, found the Persian cat after she "came tumbling out of a bush when we were walking home one night from dinner...We decided we couldn't leave her, she didn't look like a survivor, and so we led her to our house. I carried her at some points crossing streets and then sometimes put her down to allow her to follow." They took PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK to a vet, who told them that her underbite "looked like a condition from birth the way her jaw was structured, and these kinds of thing happen commonly in Persian breeds." Meaning, she's totally healthy.
PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK speaks for the people, and the people are saying: PRINCESS MONSTER TRUCK.


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