Atmospheric Photos Of New York's Storefronts At Night

Atmospheric Photos Of New York's Storefronts At Night


Like many cities, New York has a entirely different atmosphere when the dark moves in the neon lights are switched on. "No other city in the world stages dusk to dawn like New York City. Whether it’s a glimpse out of a bus window pulling into the terminal at Port Authority, or the first step out onto the sidewalk under the Times Square lights after the end of a Broadway show that started before sunset — any visitor is immediately drawn to the city’s lights. Even simply viewing the illuminated city from the George Washington Bridge on the drive into Manhattan can be undeniably exciting." Those are the words of Avid photographers James and Karla Murray. Together they have traversed the shadowy alleyways and gloomy footpaths of The Big Apple photographing the various illuminated bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants and music venues that spring to life after dark. Much like photographer Richard Vantielcke did in the depths of Europe. Their superb collection of images are as vibrant as they are atmospheric, focusing on the diverse range of typographic styles and signage used in each location. Thankfully they’ve collated and documented their journey into a glorious coffee table book title New York Nights which you can purchase the book here. In the meantime, here’s a few samples of their rich & seductive work.


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