PETA Teams Up With MMA Fighters For Online Game, 'Cage Fight'

PETA Teams Up With MMA Fighters For Online Game, 'Cage Fight'

The controversial animal rights group launched an online video game this week that allows you to play as UFC Middleweight Jake Shields (who is fighting Tyron Woodley at UFC 161 this weekend), former UFC middleweight and welterweight Aaron Simpson (currently in the World Series of Fighting) or Tachi Palace Fights Featherweight Champion Georgi Karakhanyan as you take on “a secret underground animal testing ring”.
If there are three things that I love, they are MMA fights, helping defenseless animals (without acting like a-holes and defeating the purpose of your efforts) and wasting a ton of time by playing an 8-bit video game. So on this occasion, I am happy to say, “Well done, PETA”.
Now grab yourself a bowl of Doritos and a giant Mountain Dew, and get ready for hours of gaming.


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