Does The Rock have an Under Armour sponsorship?

Does The Rock have an Under Armour sponsorship?

The Rock's reality show, The Hero, has its second episode tonight on TNT, and I thought this was as good time a time as any to put out to you the reader a question that's been on our minds for some time now: has The Rock run out of actual shirts? Because, as you can see on the following pages, he appears to be wearing the same Under Armour rash guard in at least two separate movies, and in his TV show.
Now, I know it's tempting to just think "Haha, The Rock wears nothing but spandex baby tees so no one forgets that he's buff, lol!" and then dismiss it and go on about your day. But before the lollercopter lands I want you to think about the historical precedent here. Has there been an actor before The Rock who could dictate his own wardrobe? And not in an "is it cool if I wear this jacket" kind of way, but in a "my contract specifies that my character has to wear this sponsor-approved athletic apparel" kind of way. Nike revolutionized the shoe business by sponsoring individual athletes in the 80s. Is Under Armour revolutionizing the spandex rashguard industry by sponsoring actor/wrestlers in the 21st century? Mark my words, friends, at this rate, one day a wrestler will be elected president, and companies will scramble for the right to put their logo on his do-rag.


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