Playful Books with Arms Spring to Life

Playful Books with Arms Spring to Life (7 photo)


London-based artist Jonathan Wolstenholme's love of literature has inspired him to create a number of whimsical watercolor paintings depicting books with their own set of arms and hands. Rather than simply lying in a bookshelf, waiting to be picked out from a row of similarly shaped novels and read, Wostenholme's surreal characters are given the ability to scoop up or even write their own books. The personified volumes of printed words can be seen engaging in the sorts of activities you'd imagine the scholarly type from classic fiction to be doing like writing with a glass of wine in one hand or smoking a pipe while playing a round of dominos with a fellow bookish intellectual. Wolstenholme even whimsically titles each of his paintings with a clever play on words. In this series, a "literary slip" is a humanized book actually slipping on an ill-placed banana peel.


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