8 Classic Rock Songs That Shouldn't Be On Radio

8 Classic Rock Songs That Shouldn't Be On Radio

I have learned three things while listening to the radio during my drive from New York to Bonnaroo:
1. The radio is terrible.
2. I can save HOW much money by switching my insurance to Geico?!?
3. The radio is really, really terrible.
But seriously, the radio is REALLY terrible. My rental car doesn't have an iPod outlet, and I sadly forget to bring my CD binders that I haven't touched in five years along with me, so for the 13-hour drive, I'm left to rely on the Crazy Ira and the Douches of the FM world. It's maddening, especially because the same damn songs are played after time after time (including "Time After Time"). There's something reassuring, I suppose, in 99.5 The River in Albany, New York, playing "In Your Eyes" at the same time as 103.4 The Skunk in Salem, West Virgina, but actually, no, there's not. As someone who grew up listening to classic rock radio (i.e. songs recorded between the 1960s and 1980s), here are eight songs that should be taken out of the rotation...forever. *toilet flush*


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