News Bloopers: A Compilation Of Animals Attacking Reporters

News Bloopers: A Compilation Of Animals Attacking Reporters

Hoo boy, do I love news bloopers where animals attack reporters on live television. I love them so much. Every time I see an animal in the shot, my brain immediately kicks into overdrive. “Freak out. Do it. Do it. DO IT,” I think to myself as I stare lasers at the screen in an attempt to will the animal into losing its mind that very moment. I can’t get enough. Maybe I just love the chaos. Maybe I secretly hate reporters. Who knows? The important thing here is that if a reporter is holding a cat and that cat doesn’t start screeching, clawing, or biting at some point during the segment, my entire day is ruined.
That’s why this compilation is so great. It is almost eight uninterrupted minutes of animals ruining live television, with no filler or fakeouts. All your favorite hits are there: Snake Bites Guy, Cat Screeches At Lady, Ostrich Unties Dude’s Bow Tie, Goat Headbutts Woman In The Crotch, etc. My only complaint here is that this video isn’t three days long. I wouldn’t even get up to eat.


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