8 Narcissistic Lines From Kanye West's NY Times Interview

8 Narcissistic Lines From Kanye West's NY Times Interview

With Yeezus coming out in less than a week, we’re going to be hearing a lot about Kanye West, which is exactly how Kanye West likes it. Because he’s Kanye West. Right, Kanye West? Right, Kanye West.
This morning, the New York Times published a fascinating, must-read interview between West and Jon Caramanica, who spoke to the rapper/icon/mogul/Cleveland Show guest star about, well, everything. The new album, the Taylor Swift incident, the Jay-Z, the Kardashian — it’s West’s first interview in years, and Caramanica covered as much as he could.
Naturally, West was at his most brilliant, boastful self. Here are but a few of his most narcissist NUGGETS.


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