Movie Trailer: Magic Magic, starring Michael Cera

Movie Trailer: Magic Magic, starring Michael Cera

Few people I write about inspire as much passionate hatred as Michael Cera, which sort of bums me out because I truly believe that there aren’t many comedy actors out there who can pull off the kinds of scenes he can. I assume most of the hate comes from him playing a lot of similar characters (a complaint no one makes about Jack Nicholson), but as if to throw the haters a bone, here’s Cera playing a weird, fruity, drunken ex-pat in Chile who becomes some kind of fatal attraction for Juno Temple in director Sebastián Silva’s Magic Magic, which played at Sundance and hits DVD August 6th. At least it’s a departure, right? And don’t tell me Michael Cera isn’t totally pulling off creepy here.
Incidentally, “Hey, you wanna come pull off creepy?” is one of my favorite pick-up lines.


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