Kevin Nealon is awesome to talk about SNL and Political Potheads

Kevin Nealon is awesome to talk about SNL and Political Potheads

Kevin Nealon just seem like a nice guy. I based this assumption on his numerous TV appearances, stint on SNL, random tweets about my home state and everything else I’d read or heard about him over the years.
“Oh, you’re interviewing Kevin Nealon?” my assistant editor asked last week while looking over the weekly assignments. “I met him backstage at ‘Saturday Night Live’ when I was like seven. I just remember him being really nice to me, even though I was a nerdy little kid.”
Nice to a child? Oh, he must be demented.
Kevin called me way too early in morning considering he was in California and had just flown back from the east the night before. Fine, he’s just a nice dude. We talked SNL, politics and his latest Showtime comedy special, ‘Whelmed, But Not Overly’, which is now available on DVD.


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