Rare Color Photos Of Women Working During WW2

Rare Color Photos Of Women Working During WW2 

In the countless history books, many of the major of achievements are based on the accomplishments of men. But in the darkest depths of World War 2, whilst men toiled in the trenches, dying in their thousands - it was their wives back home that kept the nation running. They manned the factories, raised their children as a single parent, provides clothing and industry all the tools needed to help their loved ones continue the assault.
But one of the most significant roles they collectively played, was as a comforter to widows right across the nation. A community bonded both in their love for their husbands and partners, but also for their country. At any given moment it might be their son, their father, their husband that would be struck down – a constant reminder that every family bore the same risks, worries and fears as each other.
Whilst the 1940′s was an era of violent conflict and global turmoil, it was also one of community and unity. Those women & these rare colour photographs are a testament to that.


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