The Secret Life of Plastic Toy Animals

The Secret Life of Plastic Toy Animals

Just what do our kids' plastic toy animals do when we're not looking? Photographer Jeff Friesen has the answer. His adorable series takes a look at their secret life inside our homes! Like many projects, this one started out as a personal project, one dedicated to the photographer's daughter. Looking to decorate his daughter's room with some fun animal prints, Friesen decided to create these. His friends and family loved them so much that they urged him to start selling them online.
As a nice accompaniment, the photographer includes a short story with each one. For instance, for the birthday cake-loving hippo he states, "Hugo was a model of self-restraint in many aspects of life. In fact, he restrained himself from piano practice every day. Surely no one would notice if He took one small bite of his sister's birthday cake. Just one tiny bite!"
See more of our favorites, below. (Got to love his bright wallpaper backgrounds.)


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