Ancient Greek Statues Reworked Into Epic Glitch Art

Ancient Greek Statues Reworked Into Epic Glitch Art (6 photo)

The art world is split into two types, those who produce original artworks and those who adapt reinterpret & reinvigorate existing works.
Similar to how ABVH reconfigured and brought Banksy’s famous street murals to life, digital artist Zach Dougherty is transforming the inanimate into something new. He’s taken a series of classical Greek statues and painstakingly altered them into brillant glitchy alternate versions of themselves.
The brittleness & inflexibility of stone converted into weightless and ever-changing pixels. Below are just a few examples of his work, but you can experience the full range via his blog Hateplow – a place where the old is constantly looping into the new.


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