Stylish And Awe-Inspiring Sculptures Made From LEGO

Stylish And Awe-Inspiring Sculptures Made From LEGO

Who doesn’t love playing and building with LEGO?
But visual artist Nathan Sawaya has taken its versatility to the next level by creating a series of bold sculptures made entirely out of hundreds of those little plastic bricks. His new exhibition Art of the Brick will be on display at the Discovery Times Square museum in New York right up until January next year.
Sawaya is also hoping to get one of his original artworks manufactured and created into an actual LEGO set you can buy – would that be awesome? You can help him realise that dream but voting for him here
So if you’re in the area or plan on visiting New York in the next few months, do make sure to visit and check out the work in person. Below are just a few examples of the exhibition itself, thanks for Discovery Times Square for the images themselves.


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