10 Lies That Movies Told Us About Going to College

10 Lies That Movies Told Us About Going to College

One of the most surprising things about ‘Monsters University‘ is just how much of a typical college movie it is. Granted, it’s full of that typical Pixar warmth and charm, but the overall story revels in a template as old as ‘Animal House’ and ‘Revenge of the Nerds.’
Other than the fact that it stars monsters, ‘Monsters University’ is just another entry in a long line of “snobs vs slobs” movies set at institutions of higher learning.
Like so many of its college comedy brethren, ‘Monsters University’ has skewed the facts of college life for dramatic purposes, occasionally reveling in cliches that have been around for decades but have little bearing in the real world. In fact, cinema has painted an incredibly inaccurate (but highly entertaining) portrait of college life over the years. Watching a lot of movies before heading off for your first day of classes is sure to prepare you for a very different experience than you’ll actually get.
So, without further ado, here are 10 incorrect things that the movies have taught us about college.


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