The 'World's Ugliest Dog' Is Actually Adorable

The 'World's Ugliest Dog' Is Actually Adorable

The puppy you see above is Walle. He could use some love. Yesterday, he won the 25th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Chico, California, run by a bunch of blind nobodies who probably think margarine is superior to butter and that I shouldn’t be named the Universe’s Hunkiest Blogger (though, to be fair, Burnsy was a good choice).
"A huge-headed, duck-footed mix of beagle, boxer and basset hound was the upset winner Friday at the 25th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. Walle, a 4-year-old mutt from Chico, California who was entered at the last minute, was judged most unsightly of 30 dogs at the Northern California competition.
“This dog looked like he’s been photo-shopped with pieces from various dogs and maybe a few other animals,” judge Brian Sobel said."
Apparently Brian Sabel has never seen these monsters. The dogs are terrifying, too.


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