So Apparently Deadpool's Video Game Takes Its Cues From Duke Nukem

So Apparently Deadpool's Video Game Takes Its Cues From Duke Nukem


Don’t get us wrong, we trust High Moon Studios to deliver a solid game. These were people who were handed Michael Bay’s Transformers movies and through sheer force of will actually squeezed a surprising amount of creative blood out of that particular stone. And we’ve little doubt a Deadpool game will play great. It’s a game that involves stabbing, shooting, and doing ridiculous things with little regard for health or safety. That’s pretty hard to screw up. But it’s the whole brotastic attitude to the whole enterprise that’s a bit… well, odd. The humor is a bit wrong for the character. Granted, Deadpool is incredibly quirky and weird, but that’s because he’s genuinely insane. Put a good writer behind him, and you’ve got him calling firearms doorknobs as he beats the snot out of some intolerable snob who gave him a degenerative brain disease, or realizing he’s actually saying what’s in his captions aloud, or dropping a piano on Wolverine. This… feels a bit like it’s trying too hard. “Adolescent” is the wrong word. You know that moment when you’re at a comedy show, and some guy comes on, trying really hard to be edgy? This kind of feels like that. Still, we’ll reserve judgment for seeing actual gameplay footage. Like we said, this will be pretty hard to screw up. Really, all we have to do is drop a piano on somebody, and all will be forgiven. Video games don’t drop nearly enough pianos on people.


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