Just How Many Jellybeans Do You Have Left?

Just How Many Jellybeans Do You Have Left?

What would you do with the rest of your life, if you knew precisely how long you had left to live?
It’s a morbid yet thought-provoking question that talented YouTuber Ze Frank poses in his unique and creative video. Based on American Time Use Survey he’s worked out that our average lifespan is 28,385 days – yet alarmingly we’ll spend 8,477 of those sleeping, 3,202 holding down a job and a further 2,676 staring at the TV.
Using the analogy that one jelly bean represents a single day in our lives he uses different amounts of them to reflect unique increments of time and events in our life.
It begs the question, what will you do with the little time you have left? Ze Frank has a few suggestions in his beautifully crafted and genuinely moving video below.


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