The 'Doctor Strange' Movie Could Open With Teenage Angst

The 'Doctor Strange' Movie Could Open With Teenage Angst


Doctor Strange is looking more and more likely to be headed to the silver screen, possibly as part of Marvel’s Phase 3. And apparently, Marvel is going to be sticking to its tried-and-true formula of “The first movie is the origin, because otherwise our audience will never accept what else is going on.” Latino Review has been pretty consistently breaking stories about Strange and this video breaks down how the script currently circulating at Marvel opens: Yep, you heard that right: Strange will be dealing with the guilt of letting his sister die, and that’ll be his primary motivation. We’re of two minds about this because on the one hand, it’s easy to see Marvel preferring that to his original, er, origin of just being a tool so focused on fixing his hands and too proud to just be a normal doctor that he sinks to truly epic lows. On the other hand, that Strange is such an arrogant, egotistic jerk is his key character flaw, and softening that by rooting it in a childhood tragedy seems a bit of a cop-out. Also interesting is that, if this movie is on the way, and supposedly it’ll be arriving in 2016, Marvel needs to get off its butt and hire some key personnel. We have our own nominee for director, although we can see a few others serving the role quite well, but either way, we’ll be interested to see what happens with the Sorceror Supreme. Just no rhyming spells, OK? Not even Daniel Day-Lewis could say the word “Satannish” and keep character.


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