The Lyric Video For 'Don't Give Up' By Washed Out Is Chill As Hell

The Lyric Video For 'Don't Give Up' By Washed Out Is Chill As Hell

s summer. That means the days are long. Painfully long. That means the time between weekends — when you want to go out and frolic in the sun, sand and water — can seem like FOREVER. So you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Good God it’s only Tuesday! How am I going to get through the rest of the week?” Look, don’t fret. I know that feeling. But we’re going to get through this…together. With a little help from Ernest Greene, aka “Washed Out.”
Here’s what you’re going to do: you’re going to go home, turn out all the lights, spark up a bong and get this vid up on the screen of your choice. Television. iPad. Whatever. Now turn the sound way up and close your eyes. There, doesn’t that feel better? Yeah, I thought so. You’re welcome.


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