The 10 Most Terrifying Stephen King GIFs

The 10 Most Terrifying Stephen King GIFs

Unlike movies based on Stephen King’s often-magnificent novels and short stories, which range from excellent (The Shining, Stand by Me, The Shawshank Redemption) to not-the-intended-kind-of horrific (pretty much everything after The Green Mile), the author’s small-screen adaptations have been mostly terrible. Or maybe I’m still angry about ABC’s mid-2000s miniseries Kingdom Hospital, which King didn’t write, but developed…terribly, at that.
Under the Dome, which premiered last night on CBS, hopes to be (and is) a smidge better than Kingdom or, say, the 1997 Shining miniseries, which — considering it stars Hank from Breaking Bad, as well as Jeff Fahey and Mike Vogel, and was written by the super-talented Brian K. Vaughn — shouldn’t be hard. Also, an hour-long special on the creepy kid from Children of the Corn eating popcorn would be more entertaining than the 1997 Shining miniseries. Anyway, in honor of Dome, here are the 10 most terrifying GIFs from cinematic adaptations of King’s work.


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