Iconic Cars In Film Brilliantly Brought Back To Life

Iconic Cars In Film Brilliantly Brought Back To Life

Sometimes the most memorable scenes from films are not those staring the actors, but actually the props. Remember when you first saw the classic Ecto-1 car from Ghostbuster hurling through the streets of New York? Or the stylish sleek Batmobile speeding along chasing those dastardly villains? And what about the Delorean car from Back to the Future – how badly did we all want a ride that? Each car is not etched in movie folklore, constantly referenced in popular culture and are now established as iconic moments from the films they starred in.
Just like many film fans, exceptional Turkish photographer Cihan Ünalan loves these classic cars as well – so much so that he has created his own magnificent tribute to them. He has single-handily built small models of each famous car, photographing them in crisp detail.
You can see more of his incredible efforts and entire the series Cars We Love right here. Don’t forget to check out to stay up to date with his latest work too.


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