Adele’s New Tattoo Looks Oddly Familiar

Adele’s New Tattoo Looks Oddly Familiar

Adele has some brand-new ink to add to her collection — and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen it before.

The photo was shared on Thursday night by Bang Bang Tattoos in NYC, which captioned the snap, “The lovely adele came in to get tattooed today.”
While the meaning of the tattoo — the word “Paradise” written across the side of her left hand — isn’t known, it’s suspiciously similar to a tat on singer Lana Del Rey, who also has the same word inked on the side of her left hand (which you can see below). Very interesting.
Adele has three other tattoos — one on her left wrist dedicated to her mother Penny, three horizontal dots below it that she got with the Civil Wars’ Joy Williams, and an A behind her right ear that many believe is for her son, Angelo.


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