Ministry: ‘From Beer to Eternity’ Shoot Highlights Seven Deadly Sins

Ministry: ‘From Beer to Eternity’ Shoot Highlights Seven Deadly Sins

Shortly before the death of guitarist Mike Scaccia, Ministry had begun work on their 13th studio album, ‘From Beer to Eternity.’ Having heard the album, we can diligently report that thanks in part to Mike, the record absolutely rips! But to introduce you to a part of ‘From Beer to Eternity,’ we’ve got an exclusive video premiere of the photo shoot for the record’s cover art and collection of promotional pictures. Oh yeah, and the footage is laced with some brand-new, never-before-heard ‘From Beer to Eternity’ Ministry material!
Teaming up with photographer Allan Amato for the ‘From Beer to Eternity’ album art, Ministry recruited a gaggle of gorgeous women, only to turn them into monstrosities later on. The behind-the-scenes video begins innocently enough, but nearly a minute in, the shoot becomes disturbing as each women begins to personify each of the Seven Deadly Sins. “The Seven Deadly Sins is the intention and the women are not really women,” Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen told us during an exclusive interview. “If you look at them, they’re not some hot models — I mean, they started out that way, but we completely mutated them just to parody the entire sexuality thing.”
Ministry’s ‘From Beer to Eternity’ behind-the-scenes video also showcases how the album cover was created. The seven models were draped in a net in order to look caught, with Jourgensen himself acting as the captor. “I guess I’ll be taking some heat for being a misogynist by carrying seven women in a bag like they’re groupies or something,” Jourgensen tells us. “If I ever saw a groupie look like that on my bus, I guarantee my road manager would have them off the bus within a minute, so it’s not a sexual thing. [Laughs] And it’s certainly not misogynistic.” Stay tuned for our full interview with Jourgensen.
The photo shoot captured some truly incredible and perhaps disturbing images. To check out footage from the shoot and hear bits and pieces of new Ministry material, watch the video above! ‘From Beer to Eternity’ is set for a Sept. 6 release.


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